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About Shiva Keshavan

Shiva Keshavan (full name Shiva Keshavan K P; born August 25, 1981) is the first Indian to compete in Luge at the Winter Olympic Games. Keshavan was supported by the Indian Government for the Olympic Season of 2009-10 and for the first time, he trained officially with a Coach.

Early Life

Hailing from a remote village in the Himalayan Range, Keshavan's interest in winter sports began at a very young age. His earliest memories of winter sports are when Keshavan and his friends made their own skis using wood and metal sheets to play during the winter months. During summer, Keshavan and his friends used to prepare roller sleds with wood and bearings to speed down the mountain roads.
The passion for adventure sports turned into competitive spirit as the Kullu Valley gradually grew into a hub for adventure and winter sports in India. Keshavan was a dedicated skier and went on to win the Junior National Ski Championship in 1995 at the age of 14.

Olympics and achievements

Keshavan has represented India in 4 Olympic Games and various international events creating numerous Indian, Asian and World Records along the way.


MTS Support

MTS is committed to Shiva Keshavan's dream of winning India's first winter Olympic medal. His gold medal and new track record at the Asian Games 2012, is reassurance that he is on the right track. As a leading telecom major in India, we are helping Shiva's dream to be shared by the rest of his country. We encourage more Indians to share Shiva's story and give a true Indian sportman the support he needs.


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